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2.3. Where is my CLC Workbench data?

The following information is pertinent to both backing up data or if you plan to move your Workbench from one machine to another and wish to transfer the data.

There are two main sources of data available via a CLC Workbench: 

In addition to backing up your data, you may also wish to save your usersettings.xml file.  The location of that file on different operating systems is in a related FAQ question, linked on this page.


Data held in Workbench Data Locations

The data you import or generate using your CLC Workbench, which you can see listed in the Navigation area of the Workbench, is stored in data locations.

The easiest way for most people to find out where their data is stored is to put the mouse cursor over the top level directories in the navigation area of your Workbench. This brings up a tool tip, which tells you the system location for that data location.

To back up all your CLC data, you need to ensure that all the these system locations, that are set as data locations for your CLC Workbench, are backed up.

Information about your data locations is stored in an xml file called model_settings_300.xml This file is located in the settings folder in the user home. Further details about this file and how it pertains to data locations in the Workbench can be found in our Workbench deployment manual:



BLAST databases

It would generally be unusual to choose to back up BLAST databases, as it is usually straightforward to re-download or re-create BLAST databases. However, if you wish to back up your BLAST databases, please refer to our manual for how to find out what directories you are storing these in:


Then just ensure these directories are configured to be backed up.

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