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2.2. Where is my user settings file?

The user settings for your CLC Workbench is called usersettings.xml   It is found in different places on different operating systems. Please replace the text within the %percent signs% to the appropriate text for your machine and Workbench.


$HOME ->.clcbio -> workbench -> settings -> %workbench name% -> %version number%



/Users/%username%/Library/Application Support/CLC bio/Workbench/settings/%workbench name%/%version number%/

The Library folder is hidden by default. You can view it by opening a Finder window, pulling down the "Go" menu and then holding down the shift key. The Library option should then be visible in the menu. Click on it and then navigate to the location above. Alternatively, choose the Go to Folder option under the Go menu and then enter the path above into the text box and click Go.


Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

C:\ -> Users -> %username% -> AppData -> Roaming -> CLC bio -> Workbench -> Settings -> %workbench name% -> %version number%

Newer versions of the Windows operating system may hide this directory location. If you are unable to see this location then please follow the instructions provided by Microsoft to show hidden files:



Locations on older systems (no longer supported) that are different from above

On old Mac versions:

Macintosh HD -> Users -> %username% -> Application Support -> CLC bio -> Workbench -> settings -> %workbench name% -> %version number%

Windows 2000 and XP:

C:\ -> Documents and Settings -> %username% -> Application Data -> CLC bio -> Workbench -> Settings -> %workbench name% -> %version number%


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