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4.3. How can I cite CLC bio Workbenches, Servers or Molegro products in my paper?

Citing CLC bio Workbenches and Server products
Citing CLC bio Molegro products


Citing CLC Workbenches and Server products

To cite a CLC Workbench or Server product at a general level, please cite our web site.

For example, for the Genomics Workbench version 9.5.3, using something along the lines of 

CLC Genomics Workbench 9.5.3 (https://www.qiagenbioinformatics.com/)

Hopefully the instructions for authors will indicate the preferences of the particular journal with regards to referencing website in this way.


Papers citing CLC bio

In case it helps in determining how to cite CLC in your paper, you can find selected papers citing CLC software on our website:


The term 'clc bio' in the search mask can be exchanged by any other search phrase, e.q. 'CLC Workbench', 'Main Workbench', 'Assembly Cell' or other product names.


Information related to specific Workbench or Server analyses

Background information relating to particular analyses can be found in our White Papers and our manual. The manuals are available in both pdf and html format. To reference a particular manual section, the html format, online manual is likely the easiest.

White Papers

Our white papers can be found at:


For any analysis not covered by a White Paper, please refer to the manual for the product you have been using.


Manuals for CLC bio software can be found online at:


To provide direct links to a particular section of a manual, please open the HTML version of the manual and navigate to the relevant section. Once there, you should see the relevant URL in your browser. Note though that the URL you will see at this point is for the current version of the CLC software.

If you require manual information for an earlier version, you will need to hand-edit the URL with the relevant API number. The easiest way to do this is to go to the link in the current online manual and then edit it accordingly.

Here is an example:  Let's say you wished to refer to the Sequence QC tool of the Genomics Workbench 6.5.1.  If you go directly to the current webpage for the top level section of the manual you are taking to:


Notice the word current in that URL. 

Change the word "current" to the API version number, which, for the Genomics Workbench 6.5.1 is 651. That is, the above URL should be changed to:


We have online links for earlier version of the CLC Genomics Workbench back to version 5.5.1 (API 551) and the Main Workbench back to version 6.7.1 (API 671). For older versions, you will need to refer to the information built into your Workbench help to get hold of the relevant manual content.


Citing CLC bio Molegro products

Please cite the Molegro Virtual Docker in your publications as

MolDock: A New Technique for High-Accuracy Molecular Docking René Thomsen and Mikael H. Christensen J. Med. Chem., 2006, 49(11), pp 3315 - 3321


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