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1.2. Can I move my CLC software license to a different machine?

If a CLC software licenses is covered by our Maintenance, Update and Support (MUS) program, we can support you in moving the license to a new machine.

To learn if your license is covered by MUS, please refer to the article How can I find out about my licenses?

CLC software licenses are specific to the machine they are downloaded to. A given machine is identified by its host ID, which is generated from the MAC address.

Before you can start using your CLC software on a machine with a different MAC address, we have to take steps at our end to release the license from its connection with the older host ID. Once we do this, your license order ID can be used to download a license to the system with the new host ID.

If you need to move your CLC software license to a new machine, please use the online request form:



If you wish to transfer your CLC data as well there is useful information in the Related Page 'Where is my CLC Workbench data'?


Re-installing to the same hardware as before? If you are re-installing your Workbench, Genomics Server or CLC License Server to the same hardware it was previously installed on, then you you should be able to download a license to the newly installed software directly.

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