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2.5. How can I set a different default location for data to be saved into?

The default data directory can be changed for the CLC Workbenches at an individual user level, or for all users of a particular installed copy of the Workbench.

Changing the default directory for an individual Workbench user

The default data location for CLC Workbenches is, by default, a folder called CLC_Data in a user's home area.

This can be changed to a different location for a particular user of the Workbench by going to

Edit | Preferences

and then choosing the Advanced tab. There is a section there called Default Data Location and you can choose a default from a drop down list of data locations you have already added.

How to add a data location in your Workbench is covered in the manual here:


Changing the default directory for all users of a particular Workbench installation

There is an alternative method that is useful if there are multiple users of a single Workbench installation. The method to change the default location for all users of a particular Workbench is covered in section 8.2.2 of our Workbench Deployment Manual:


A direct link to that section of the manual is here:


Please note that if the CLC Workbench has previously been run, you will need to remove the file that is storing the current data location settings, model_settings_300.xml. The removal of the model_settings_300.xml file will need to be done for each user that has been using the Workbench. That file can be found under the folder called settings that is found under user-specific paths, described here:


After the model_settings_300.xml is removed, and the path.properties file is created, with a datadir line, as described in the Workbench Deployment Manual, then all users of your Workbench will have the specified directory as their default data area.

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