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2.9. Why is my data location greyed out in the Workbench navigation area?

If you have configured a CLC data location and it appears greyed out in the Navigation area, it suggests that the underlying data area is not available to the user that is running the CLC Workbench process. Common causes and solutions are:

Problem 1: The underlying folder on her system that you have configured as a CLC data location has been moved or removed, or your Workbench was started up before a drive with the CLC data location was mounted.

Solution to problem 1: If you hover the mouse cursor over the folder configured as the CLC data location, you should see the full path to the data location you have configured. Please check that the location exists on your system and that you have access to it.

Once the location is available on your system, try updating the data locations. This can be done by clicking on the update all button, show in the figure below.


If the data area is not local to your machine and you need to provide log-in credentials to get access to it, then you can use normal system tools, such as a file browser window, to access it, and then enter your user credentials when prompted. After this, if the CLC data area in the Workbench is initially greyed out, click on the update all button as suggested above.

If you still have problems after taking the above steps, then please restart your Workbench and see if this resolves the issue.


Problem 2: You are running the CLC Workbench as a user that does not have permission to view the folder you have configured as a CLC data area.

Solution to problem 2: Check whether the user that you are running the CLC Genomics Workbench as has permissions to view the folder you are trying to access. If you wish to save data to that area, you will also need to have write permissions for that area.

** Note: ** If you have just upgraded your Workbench, and chose to restart the Workbench when prompted during the installation prociess, then it will be running as an administrative user. In this case, please try closing the Workbench and starting it again normally.

If the above problem descriptions or solutions help, please send an email to AdvancedGenomicsSupport@qiagen.com

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