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7.4. Why does the progress bar report 0% when running a local blast search?

It is not uncommon for a CLC Workbench progress bar under the Processes tab to report 0% progress for most of the time the search is running.

When you launch a local blast job on a CLC Workbench or CLC Genomics Server, an NCBI BLAST+ program is run on your local system in the background for the actual searching. The NCBI BLAST+ programs do not report the details of their progress. Thus, the Workbench cannot reliably update its progress bar until the background blast task completes. For many searches, this will be very shortly before the Workbench job completes and the blast results are returned to you.

When launching a Workbench blast job using a large query set (>100 megabases at time of writing in 2018), subsets of a maximum size of 100 megabases are temporarily created and each of these subsets is searched with sequentially. The results of each of these searches are merged to create a single blast report that is returned to you just before the Workbench task completes. In a case like this, the Workbench progress bar remains at 0% during the the blast search of the first query subset. After it completes, the progress bar is updated and the search with the second query subset commences. The progress bar is next updated when that second blast run completes, and so on.



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