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2.1. How can I update a workflow?

When new versions of the Workbenches are released, some of the tools that are part of workflows installed by the user or distributed with plugins may change due to the addition of new parameters, improvements or bug fixes. When this happens, the installed workflow may no longer be valid and must be updated to be able to run the workflow on the newest version of the Workbench.

When you try to run a workflow that needs to be updated, the error message "your workflow and workflow elements must be updated to run on the newest version." will be shown in the workflow wizard.

How to update workflows is described in the user manuals as follows:

CLC Genomic Workbench: http://resources.qiagenbioinformatics.com/manuals/clcgenomicsworkbench/current/index.php?manual=Updating_workflows.html

CLC Main Workbench: http://resources.qiagenbioinformatics.com/manuals/clcmainworkbench/current/index.php?manual=Updating_workflows.html

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