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5.14. What does "No valid application license could be found" mean after the jobs are submitted to the grid?

When you see the error "No valid application license could be found" from the jobs you previously submitted to the grid through the CLC Genomics Server, please check the following:

1. grid worker network license connection settings


2. check and ensure that the grid nodes have network access to the CLC license server that hosts the grid worker network license

3. In order for the grid scheduler to keep track on the grid worker license usage and queue the newly submitted jobs from the Genomics Server before the next grid worker license become available for job execution, you will need to configure the license as consumable resources on the grid scheduler and set the maximum number of the license resource to the number support by the license for the job queue.

More information about this is mentioned at


As an example with the Open Grid Scheduler, the screenshot below shows the consumable resource configuration. Based on this configuration, and the proper native specification in the grid preset, when more than two jobs are submitted to the scheduler, only the first two will run immediately (and check out the grid worker license). The rest of the newly submitted jobs will be put on hold, by the scheduler, waiting for the next available license to become available.

Without the consumable resource configuration on the scheduler side, all jobs will be dispatched to the cluster as long as there is resource (e.g. grid nodes in the cluster) available. Without enough grid worker license to support those jobs, they will immediately fail with the no valid application license message you saw.


consumable resource configuration for OGS


Different grid scheduler has different method of setting the resource if they support such feature. The native specification parameter for the grid preset within the CLC Genomics Server of the above example will include the following line to ensure that each job consumes one grid worker license slot:

-l cfl=1

More information on consumable resources can be found on the server manual at


We are not able to support this configuration on each and every different grid scheduler. However the license resource configuration is common on all commercialize software running their jobs on the grid and you will likely to find the relevant information on the grid scheduler manual.

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