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5.11. What does "No more licenses available" mean (network license)?

The error message "No more licenses available" looks like this when you open your CLC Workbench software:

No more license available error

The "No more licenses available" error message is an indication that all available network license seats are currently used by other copies of the same type of CLC software (e.g. CLC Genomics Workbench). In other words, there are no more license seats available for the software you are trying to run.

When other copies of the software that are running using the network license are closed, those license seats become available for use by others.

The message you see on screen is also recorded in the license server log file, which is called "licenseserver.log" and is stored under the CLC License Server installation location. The network license administrator can use information in this file to  determine the network license usage or identify which machines are using the network license.

If  you wish to purchase additional network license seats, such that more users can simultaneously run your CLC software, please get in contact with your local CLC sales representative by emailing bioinformaticssales@qiagen.com with your request.


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