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3.9. Can I run CLC Workbench software on a machine that is not network connected?

CLC Workbenches can be run on machines that do not have a network connection. Only the functionality that relies on contacting the external network would be affected. Such functionality includes:

  1. Downloading a license. This will have to be done on a different machine. Please see the related FAQ for information on this.

  2. Software updates. Installer files need to be downloaded to a networked machine and then copied across to the non-networked machine.

  3. Plugin downloads. To install plugins on a non-networked machine use the option "Install from File" in the Plugin manager to install plugins from cpa files. You can download these files for the latest release of the Workbench from the plugins webpage: https://www.qiagenbioinformatics.com/plugins/
    using a networked machine and copy them across to the non-networked machine.

  4. Reporting errors cannot be done by clicking the button in an error window that invites you to submit the error. If you see an error window, please dismiss it, but then, before running other tasks please collect and send us the log files via email as described in the FAQ entry: Where are the Workbench logfiles?

  5. Using the Contact Support option will not be possible. Please just send us an email.

  6. Internet-related functions inside the Workbench such as "Search sequences (or structures) at NCBI or in UniProt", as well as "BLAST search at NCBI", "download BLAST databases" functionality will not be available without access to the external network.



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