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1.9. How can I uninstall a CLC Workbench?

This FAQ page addresses how to properly remove CLC software from your machine. There are three elements that can be removed to fully uninstall CLC software. These include the application itself (including application binaries), supporting data such as preferences, and the data analyzed within the Workbench.

Information about how to remove each of these elements are provided here:


The CLC Genomics Workbench is used as an example in the following instructions. Other CLC Workbench software will have different names but the same steps can be applied. 

Remove the Workbench Application

If you plan to install the Workbench software on the same system in the future and would like to keep software settings such as proxy server connection settings, license server settings, etc. the instructions in this section are all that you would need to complete.

For all systems, if you chose to create a desktop link or a symlink during the installation process, those shortcuts will also be removed.

  1. Please locate the uninstaller in the Workbench installation directory. The installation directory will be the location you chose to install the Workbench, you can also find where this is through the Workbench interface described in the FAQ: Where is my Workbench installation directory?

  2. Use the included uninstaller command to remove the Workbench software, this will be different for each operating system:

    • Windows: Right click uninstall.exe and choose "Run as Administrator". This will remove the software and will deregister the software from the system registry.

    • Linux:  In the terminal run the uninstall command with sudo privilege or as root. For example

      sudo /opt/CLCGenomicsWorkbench8/uninstall

      would uninstall the Workbench when the installation directory is /opt/CLCGenomicsWorkbench8/

    • Mac OS X: Log into your Mac machine as the user who originally installed the Workbench. Through the Finder, double click the uninstaller application. For example,  double click the CLC Genomics Workbench Uninstaller


Remove Workbench settings and application data

Remove global application settings

You can remove the whole Workbench installation folder from your hard drive. This will remove the software files along with the license files and the global preferences settings for the Workbench. After the folder is removed, check that symlinks or shortcuts (e.g. desktop icons for the Workbench) are also removed. For example, on linux systems, there may be a symlink to start the Workbench in /usr/local/bin/

Remove all global application settings and the Workbench software by:

  1. Locate the installation directory of the Workbench. You can find where this is through the Workbench interface described in the FAQ: Where is my Workbench installation directory?

  2. Delete this directory using system tools. For example, you could use the rm -r command on a linux terminal or delete this directory through the Explorer in Windows.



Remove user specific application settings

After the first run of the Workbench the user specific settings will be created under the user's home or profile folder. If you would like to remove them from your system, please refer to the following deployment manual page to find the locations of those settings folders and files based on the type of operating system you have:


Once you have located the "CLC bio" folder (or .clcbio on linux systems), remove it from the hard disk using system tools.

If there are multiple user accounts on the same system and they all have run the Workbench software at least once, then there will be multiple "CLC bio" folder (one in each user profile location) to be removed.

If you are planning to migrate the user settings to a different system, so that the same settings can be used for a new account on a different system, please make sure that the ownership and the filesystem permissions on these folders and files are properly set. This will ensure that the Workbench run by the new user account has the required read and write access within this CLC bio settings folder.


Remove the CLC analysis data

The CLC data is stored in one or more folders on the hard drive that you see in the Navigation Area in the Workbench. Uninstalling or removing the Workbench software will not affect the CLC data, unless in rare cases a customized data location was pointed to a folder under the Workbench software installation location.

If you wish to remove the CLC data, or move the CLC data folder(s) to somewhere else (e.g. a bigger hard drive), please refer to the FAQ articles for detailed instructions: How can I move my CLC data?




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