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5.4. Why are no plugins listed in Download Plugins tab of the Plugins Manager?

The Plugins manager of the CLC Workbenches connects to our servers over the network to retrieve the list of plugins that are available to download and install.

If your Workbench is not able to connect to the external network, then you will see something like the image below when you open the Download Plugins tab of the Plugins Manager.

Another possibility that nothing is showing up in the available Download Plugins list is that all plugins have been downloaded previously. You should be able to find them under the Manage Plugins tab. Or you are running a beta Workbench software which does not (yet) support any plugins.

The most common cause of the network connectivity issue is where there is a proxy in place and the Workbench has not been configured to use it. Instructions for how to configure the Workbench with proxy information can be found in our manual at:


You can also configure the proxy settings directly by clicking on the button in the Plugins Manager labeled "Proxy Settings".

You may need to talk to a local IT person to find what the correct settings are for your site.

Once the proxy settings are configured, restart your Workbench.


If connecting to the external network is not possible on the machine the Workbench is installed on, then you can:

  • Copy those files onto the machine the Workbench is running on.

  • Run the Workbench as an administrative user  and then launch the Plugins manager by clicking on the Plugins button in the toolbar.

  • Click on the "Install from File" button in the Plugins manager and select a plugin cpa file.

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