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4.1. Why has Download Genome failed in the CLC Genomics Workbench?

The Download Genome functionality of the Genomics Workbench goes out to third party URLs to access the data resources requested. The most common causes of problems with this tool are listed below:

1) You are working at a site with a proxy

To access locations on the external network, you wil need to ensure your Workbench is configured with the correct proxy information. How to enter proxy information into the Genomics Workbench is described in our manual here:


Once the settings are entered, please restart your Workbench and try using the Download Genomes tool again.


2) The remote site with the data is not accepting connections at this time.

If this is the case, then trying again another time should solve the problem.


3) The remote site is blocking access from your site.

This is not very common, but can happen. 


What to do if Download Genome fails for you

  • Check your proxy settings.

    If you are working at a site where there is a proxy, you can check if it is configured in the Workbench correctly by trying out other tools in the Workbench that connect to external sites. One example of this is the "Search for Sequences at NCBI" tool, which is under the Download button on the Workbench toolbar.

    If that tool works for you, but Download Genomes does not,  then,

  • Please wait a little while, for example a half hour, and then try the Download Genomes tool again. If there was a problem at the external site where the data is being downloaded from, sometimes the site will become available again after a short while.

If the above suggestions doe not work, then please:

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