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5.8. What does "XF Error: Rejected actively from license server!" mean?

If the error "XF Error: Rejected actively from license server!" appears when trying to connect to a License Sever from a Workbench, then please contact your License Server administrator and ask that he checks that the License Server is running as it should be.

Specifically, the above error can occur when one of the following situations arises:


  1. There is a "/var/tmp/clcbio.lock" file from an earlier CLC license server present.

    This can hapen if a previous instance of the License Server is still running of if it has not cleanly shut down.

    Recommendation: If an older instance of the License Server is still running, please stop it. If an older instance of the license server is not running, please look for and remove the file called "/var/tmp/clcbio.lock".

  2. The passwords in /etc/init.d/clclicsrv and the licenseserver.cfg are not identical.

    The command "/etc/init.d/clclicsrv stop" uses the password in that script to try to control the already running License Server service. If the two passwords do not match, the running License Server will reject the control attempt. In this case the "Rejected actively " message is basically an "Invalid password" error.

    Below are the command grep can be used to find the password entries in these two files. 

    $ grep -e ^PASSWORD /etc/init.d/clclicsrv 

    $ grep -e ^REMOTE_ACCESS_PASSWORD <install_location>/clclicsrv/licenseserver.cfg 

    Recommendation:  Please make sure the passwords in these files are the same.

  3. There is a different license server or other service already running on the machine and using port 6200.

    This is reasonably rare, but can happen. This can normally be checked with the command: lsof +M -P -i:6200.

    Recommendation: Please run one of the License Servers using a different port. If you choose to run the CLC License Server on a different port, then please ensure that your users know what port that is, so they can configure this via the License Manager of their Workbenches accordingly.

    Changing the port that the CLC License Server software listens on is covered in the General Configuration section of the CLC License Server manual. Please check the General Configuration subsection for details.


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