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3.8. Will a high spec graphics card improve CLC Workbench performance?

The Genomics Workbench performance does not improve noticeably through use of special or high-performance graphics cards. CLC software is accelerated through the utilization of the SSE instruction set, via the CPU. GPU acceleration is not supported.

The only recommendation related to graphics card capabilities is for the card and associated drivers to support OpenGL 2.0, as described in the Genomics Workbench manual here:


OpenGL 2.0 is primarily used to support the 3D molecule viewer for viewing protein structures.


Some people find that increasing the available screen area, either using a larger display or multiple displays. can be beneficial when working with CLC Workbenches. Thus, if the physical environment surrounding the workstation allows for multiple displays, it may be of benefit to select a graphics card that supports multiple displays.

The current CLC Workbenches support multiple displays as described in the manual page linked below:


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