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5.4. What does "Unable to connect to license server" mean?

An error message saying "Unable to connect to license server"  means that your CLC Workbench is unable to make contact with the CLC License Server that it has been configured to contact to obtain a  license from.

This problem could be due to

  • misconfiguration of the License Server information in the CLC Workbench, or
  • a connection problem between your Workbench and the CLC License Server, or
  • the CLC License Server is not contactable for other reasons, for example, the service may be down for some reason.

The License Server information is configured in the Workbench as described in the manual section on setting up licensing:


If that information is correct, then you will need to contact the administrator of your License Server at your site and let them know you are experiencing this problem. If they say the CLC License Server is running fine from their end and that other users can connect to it, then please check your own machine and Workbench settings to ensure that the Workbench can connect to your License Server. For example, if there is a proxy set up at your site and it could affect your connection to the server running the CLC License Server software, please check your proxy settings for your machine and also check your Workbench proxy settings. The Workbench proxy settings are described in our manual here:


 An example of what such an error looks like in the Genomics Workbench 12 is:

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