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5.2. What does "Version not covered by license" mean?


It is necessary to have a Maintenance, Upgrades, and Support (MUS) subscription that covers the release date of the version of the Workbench you are attempting to upgrade to. For example, if you are attempting to upgrade to Genomics Workbench 12, it is necessary that the MUS subscription did not expire before November 28, 2018.

An error like "Version not covered by license" suggests that the license you are using did not have MUS coverage on the date that version of the Workbench was released.

Version not covered by license error message


If you would like to upgrade from your current version to a newer version it will be necessary to renew your MUS subscription. Please contact license-clcbio@qiagen.com for information about renewing your MUS subscription.

Information about your licenses and MUS subscriptions can be found through myCLC. Please see the FAQ page How can I get access to myCLC? to learn how to gain access to your myCLC account.

Genomics Workbench release dates can be found on the latest improvements page: https://www.qiagenbioinformatics.com/products/clc-genomics-workbench/latest-improvements/current-line/

Links to the Latest Improvements pages, where release dates can be found for all CLC software can be found on the Product Overview page: https://www.qiagenbioinformatics.com/products/

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