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5.3. What does LMX_NOT_NETWORK_FEATURE in the Workbench mean?

The images and links on this page are for the CLC Genomics Workbench. The information is also valid for other commercial CLC Workbenches.

An error that looks like this:

indicates that you have copied a license file for a network license into the licenses folder under your CLC Workbench installation area.

Network licenses are made available using the CLC License Server software. They should not be copied into an area under your Workbench installation.

Assuming you already have the CLC License Server software installed, the general process for installing and upgrading network licenses is:

  1. Install the license in the CLC License Server. 

  2. Remove any old network license files.

  3. Restart the CLC License Server.

    The above three steps need to be carried out by your CLC License Server administrator.

  4. If you have copied a network license file into the licenses folder of the CLC Workbench, then remove that file. (If you leave a network license file in this area, you will continue to see license errors appear.)

  5. Configure your CLC Workbench to connect to your License Server.   How do to this is described in the manual here:



Full instructions for the CLC License Server, including information on downloading licenses,  can be found in the manual, which is available from: 


A direct link to the section where downloading a network license is covered is:


The CLC License Server software can be downloaded from:




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