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1.8. How do I install or upgrade my Workbench on a non-networked machine?

CLC Workbench software can be installed on a machine that is not connected to the external network by doing the following:

  1.  Using a machine that is connected to the internet, download the installer file for the CLC Workbench.

    Information about how to download the installer file for your Workbench can be found in the related FAQ: Where can I get installer files for the software?

  2. If you wish to install any of the available Workbench plugins, please download the Workbench plugin files from the plugin page:  https://www.qiagenbioinformatics.com/plugins/

    The relevant plugin files can be downloaded by clicking the button in the Download column on that page.

  3. If you are installing this software for the first time or are upgrading to a new major version (e.g. 6.x --> 7.x), then you will need to download a license file for the (non-networked) machine you plan to install the Workbench on. You will need your license order ID and the host ID of the machine the software will be run on for this. Information about how to accomplish this can be found at:


  4. That information is written for the CLC Genomics Workbench but is relevant for other CLC Workbenches also.

    If you are upgrading the Workbench with another version in the same release line, then you do not need to download a license file. As an example,  v10.0.x and 10.5.x are in the same major release line, as both have "10" as the first digit, and they can be run using an existing license file that supports the 10.x line.

  5. Transfer the Workbench installer, plugin files, and the license file to the non-networked machine you wish to install the software on. This would usually be done by saving to an area accessible to that machine, or by saving the files to a USB stick or other form of portable storage available to you and loading them onto a non-networked machine.
  6. Run the Workbench installer as an administrative user on the non-networked machine.

  7. Once the software is installed, start up the  Workbench as an administrative user

  8. If you have downloaded a license file (step 3) or you have chosen to install a minor update to a new location on your machine rather than the existing installation location, then install the license file by choosing the option Import a license from a File within the License Manager.  This is described in our manual here:


    To locate an existing license file from a Workbench installed to a different area of the machine, look in the folder called licenses for that other installed Workbench copy.

    The License Manager of the Workbench should start up automatically when you start up the Workbench. If it does not, then you can launch it yourself by choosing the menu option:

    Help | License Manager

  9. Launch the plugin manager and install any plugins you downloaded earlier by clicking on the Install from File button. This is described in our manual here:


You can now close the Workbench and then start it up again as a standard user. The Workbench is now ready to use.

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