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2.11. What does an error about problems writing to temp mean?

During analyses, CLC software often writes data into an area designated for temporary files. This is sometimes referred to as a "temp" or "tmp" area.  The most common issue when writing temporary files to the designated area is that there is not enough space available. When this occurs, errors about problems writing to temp (or tmp) are reported.

To solve the issue, you need to either clear space in the relevant area or re-direct the temp directory to somewhere with more free space.  (Please see the related FAQ entry for how to do this.)

Very occassionally, errors writing files to temp may arise when you do not have permission to write to the designated area. This is unlikely to happen in the case of a default installation, but could happen if someone has re-directed where software should write temporary files to and has set a location you do not have permission to write to.

In practice, permissions issues in this context arise only very rarely. Running out of temp space is, by contrast, relatively common, especially when one first starts working with the large NGS datasets and is still determining an appropriate configuration for the local requirements.


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