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4.1. Which tasks require me to run the Workbench as an administrative user and how?

To install or make changes to your license, modify proxy server connection settings, or install plugins, you must run the Workbench as an administrative user.

For all systems, you must have permission to run the software as an administrative user. If you do not have this level of access, you will need to ask someone who does to run the Workbench and make the changes for you.


For Windows 7, 8, 10 or Vista, please close the Workbench, and then right click on the icon for the Workbench and choose "Run as administrator".


There are various ways one can start up the software as an administrative user on Linux. One way that is supported on many systems is:

  • open up a terminal window
  • type the command to start up the Workbench. prefaced with the term "sudo".

    For example, if you opted to include a softlink to /usr/local/bin when you installed the software or you have otherwise placed the CLC Genomics Workbench on your PATH, you should usually be able to type:

    sudo clcgenomicswb8

    If the above does not work, try using the full path to the software. For example, if you were working with CLC Genomics Workbench 10, or any subversion of this (e.g. 10.0.2 or 10.5.1) and you chose the default installation, you could type the following to start up the Workbench as an administrative user:

    sudo /opt/CLCGenomicsWorkbench8/clcgenomicswb8



Please have the user who originally installed the Workbench login and make the changes. If this user is not longer available you will need to change the ownership of the installation directory and files for your Workbench, effectively changing the administrative user on your Mac. First open the 'Terminal' application which you may find with Spotlight. Then enter the following command - please change the Application directory to the appropriate path if your Workbench is not installed in the default location:

sudo chown -R $USER "/Applications/CLC Genomics Workbench 10/"

You will need to enter your Mac login password to run this command. Then you may open the Workbench and you should have administrative access.

Please restart the Workbench as a normal user after you have installed your license  or plugins.

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