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1.7. Can I install a CLC Genomics Workbench on a compute cluster?

In theory, yes, you could install a copy of the CLC Genomics Workbench on a machine or machines that happen to be part of a compute cluster. However, while this is possible, the Workbench software is really designed for desktop use, or for use as a client for the CLC Genomics Server.
Thus an option more compatible for working with a cluster of computers would be to purchase a CLC Genomics Server, and most likely, when a cluster of computer nodes is available for running jobs on, some number of node licenses. The number of node licenses determines the maximum number of CLC Server jobs that can be run simultaneously.
The CLC Genomics Server product page provides a more detailed overview.
The full CLC Genomics Server manual is available in pdf or html:
For those thinking about running the CLC Server with compute nodes, the chapter on Job Distribution is likely to be of particular interest.
What happens if you do install the Genomics Workbench on a compute cluster node?
Installing the Genomics Workbench on a machine or machines on a compute cluster does not mean that you can submit jobs to run on other nodes of the cluster. Analyses started with the CLC Genomics Workbench will run on the machine the software is executed on. In this sense, it is just like running the software on any remotely accessible system.
Three important considerations in this situation:
  1. The Genomics Workbench was not designed for the purposes of having multiple users using the same copy of the software at the same time. Thus there is no queuing system built into it. This means that people need to take care when submitting computationally intensive jobs if there are others that might also be working with the Genomics Workbench on the same machine at the same time. Jobs on the CLC Workbench are launched immediately and it would be relatively straightforward to exceed the computer resources available if many computationally intensive jobs were attempted at the same time.

  2. The Genomics Workbench installation is configured to use an amount of memory that matches the machine used to install the Workbench. Depending on the available memory in machines in the compute cluster this may need modification to match the cluster machines. Please see the related FAQ page linked below.

  3. Please note that you will almost always need to have access to CLC network licenses if you choose to install and run a CLC Genomics Workbench on a node or nodes of a compute cluster. This is because:
  • Remote access is not supported by our static license conditions, and compute cluster nodes are usually machines accessed by users remotely.
  • If the compute nodes have more than 64 cores, then network licenses are required for CLC Workbenches.



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