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2.10. Why are temporary files still written to the old default location after I redirect them?

One can specify a new location for temporary files created by the CLC Workbench (see related page linked at the end of this page).  If you have tried to do this, but the files are still being put into your system's default temp location, this is usually easily fixed and is usually due to one of the issues listed below.

Incorrect formatting of the file location within the path.properties file

The most common issues here are

  • typos in the path provided
  • incorrect characters used in the path

One common slip is the direction of the slashes used in file paths on Windows systems, where backslashes (\) are used, and those used on Linux and Mac systems, where forward slashes (/)  are used.

For example, the following is an acceptable style of writing a path on a Linux system:


whereas the following is an acceptable path  on a Windows system:



Incorrect naming of the path.properties file

The name of this file must be exactly and only path.properties

There is a particular problem with some Windows programs where text files are automatically given a suffix .txt when you create the file. This can be hard to spot if the option to hide file extensions is enabled.  Microsoft provides some information on how to disable this option here:


Please change the file name so that it is exactly and only    path.properties.


Incorrect content in the path.properties file

The file path specified must be suitable for your operating system and you must spell tmpdir as tmpdir. An example path.properties file, with some additional information in it, can be found here:


As an example, on Windows, the following would re-direct temporary files to the D: drive , to a folder at the root level on that drive called CLCTemp:

tmpdir = D:\CLCTemp

The following versions would not work:

tempdir = D:\CLCTemp
Tempdir = D:\CLCTemp
tmpdir = D/CLCTemp


Path.properties file is saved to the wrong place

The path.properties file must be saved in the folder called settings within the installation area of the CLC Workbench that you plan to run. Issues that can arise associated with this include:

  • The path.properties file was saved to a settings  folder in a different copy of the CLC Workbench then the one you are running.

    If you are starting up the Workbench by double clicking on an icon, please check where the actual program being launched is located, and then ensure that you are placing the path.properties file in a folder called settings  within the installation area of that particular copy of the Workbench.

  • The path.properties file was saved to a folder of a different name.  

    If you have problems and none of the other solutions on this page explain it, please double check that the path.properties file was saved into a folder called settings within the installation area of the Workbench you are running.


If you have worked through all the above and there are still problems getting your temporary files to be written by the Workbench to your new location, then please contact Support as described in the linked page at the bottom of this page. Please include in your description the line you have used in your path.properties file to define the new temporary directory location.

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