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2.4. How can I download a license for the Genomics Server on a non-networked machine?

CLC licenses are specific to a particular machine. The tool to download a license included with the CLC Genomics or Science Server software assumes that the machine the software is installed on has access to the internet.  In the case where it does not, please do the following:  

 1) Find the host ID of the machine that you will run the CLC Genomics or Science Server on. To do this, please run the tool for downloading a license as described in the section of our manual starting here:


The text that is written to the terminal includes your host ID.
2) Make a copy of this host ID such that you will be able to copy and paste it into a webform on another machine.

3) Go to a computer with internet access, open a browser window and go to the relevant license download web page:

For the Genomics Server version 5.0 or higher, and the Science Server, version 2.3 or higher, please go to:


For the CLC Genomics Server Extensions (Microbial Genomics, Genome Finishing, ...), please go to:


For  the Genomics Server version 4.5.2  and lower, or the Science Server version 2.2 or lower, please go to:


It is vital that you choose the license download page appropriate to the version of the software you plan to run.

4) Paste in your license order ID and the host ID that you noted down in the relevant boxes on the webpage.

5) Click 'download license' and save the resulting .lic file.

6) Take this file to the machine acting as the CLC Server master node and place it in the folder called 'licenses' in the CLC Server installation directory.

7) Restart the CLC Server

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